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The good will out.

A wise man once said, “the perfect present is dependent on the acceptance of the past and the uncertainty of the future.” (This may or may not have come from Casey)

 miyagii.jpgmiyagii.jpgDo we only treasure that which is fragile and impermanent? Isn’t it sad when you think back of all the good times you had, only to realise that they are gone? Worst of all, isn’t it sadder that this makes you forget about the present, however amazing it may be itself? 

I think life is about wanting what you have, and that getting what you want is often overrated. We truly have all that we could ever ask for, however hard it may be to realise that. This doesn’t mean that we should be complacent though. There has to be a balance between being content with what you are, and striving to become your best self. Some fall into the extremes of these two spectrums. They are either too critical of themselves, or arrogant to the point of delusion. Moral of the story? Mr Miyagi was right after all: Life is indeed all about balance.


There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, pyschological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning as the correctly performed full squat. In the absence of an injury that prevents their being performed at all, everyone that lifts weights should learn to do them correctly.



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