For one to be right, does it mean that someone else has to be wrong? Is every action relative? Or is there an absolute distinction between good and bad?

Some would have you believe that there is a universal truth, that good is intrinsic and not comparative. Yet these are often the people who criticize those who are “not on their moral compass”. How can they be so sure of their judgment and righteousness? Are they really “correct” or are they merely less mistaken? There is a subtle distinction between the two.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, fuck you.

The squat begins at the rack, or the squat stands, whichever is available. The rack height should be set so that the bar in the rack is at about the level of the trainee’s sternum, right in the middle. Many will perceive this as too low, but explain that it’s better to be a little low with the bar out of the rack than have to tiptoe back into the rack with a heavy weight. 



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5 responses to “Evergrey.

  1. the real monkey d luffy

    it’s me. the real me. i am gonna suck your muscles out.

    the REAL monkey d luffy.

  2. syafiq

    where’s the glue, ahmad?

  3. hi i like you big tall man muscles salm-dunk gneius

  4. This is the police, has Ong Eu Jin been seen here? He’s wanted for serious abuse of protein and weights.

    SSSGT(2) Yuen Zhi Xian

  5. mulhollanddrive

    Dude update man

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