What the hell man. I just saw this massive, massive battle between a lizard and a huge grasshopper (around finger length) on my window. The lizard was making some squeaky noises and managed to get a bite on one of the legs but then the grasshopper just flew off to the trees. Some national geographic shit indeed.

Oh well, this reminds me of something I saw recently.


What time is it?




Oh shit.

Now for some more…


The Camel Spider. Apparently these things will aggressively chase after your shadow and emit high pitched screams.


I’m never going within 10000 miles of Iraq. Ever.

Now, lets learn how to teach the movement.



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6 responses to “Fights.

  1. a netballer

    omg are these spiders as big as ong’s calves?

  2. john

    actually they dont agressively chase your shadow. though these are desert dwelling spiders they cannot survive in the heat and so will follow anything it can to stay in shady areas. they will run behind you to stay cool and can run up to 15 miles an hour.

    theyre name comes from a legend about them killing camels. they actually hang around dead camels to catch and eat insects.

  3. Anonymous

    Camel spiders are actually pretty docile. They don’t scream, and they only run after shadows to keep cool.

    In addition, that colorful bottom one is just a model.

  4. lol

    the last picture is actually a hand made figure. 😀
    I saw it on dA, the one isn’t real. bur sadly the other ones are D:
    ps, I don’t think the owner of that picture let you use it, you know it is stealing right ?

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